The French home cooking

Bonjour is French for Good Day!

At Bonjour Frenchcafe we welcome you and yours to a Good Day all day. Come and join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Fresh French Cuisine awaits to tantalize your senses, lift your spirits and provide a home-away-from-home atmosphere.

The Chef hope you enjoy Bonjour Frenchcafe’s genial atmosphere as we strive to provide the comforts and flavors of fine cuisine.

At Bonjour Frenchcafe we want you to have fun!

  • Fresh Fruit

  • Fresh Salad

  • Fresh Meal

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Bonjour Frenchcafe offers the comforts of French home cooking featuring a delectable selection of tasty sandwiches, fluffy quiches, classic crepes and succulent salads and meals.

Dine-in or take-out, we have designed a menu featuring fresh selections sure to please even the most discerning palates. Our Chef creates indulgent and inspired seasonal offerings all within the comfortable setting reminiscent of a countryside French bistro. Join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For breakfast, enjoy buttery croissants and luscious pastries. Try our petit dejeuner baguette of your choice or create your own. Experience classic crepes: chocolat, strawberry or crepes Suzette. If you are so inspired, we will gladly concoct a recipe of your own design.

Mid-day repast features salads in the tradition of Provence. Bright and crisp, our salads make the perfect side or entree highlighting tasty vinaigrettes and herbs delightfully drizzled on the freshest of lettuce varieties.

What is a French restaurant without classic baguettes? Choose from a tantalizing selection of sandwiches on baguette or create your own. At Bonjour Frenchcafe, you feel like you are enjoying a meal at home!

In the evening, please visit for our lushly irresistible dinner choices. Our exquisite dishes are prepared in the countryside French way–fresh and tasty!

After dinner, linger and enjoy our European ambiance, perhaps with a fine glass of wine or a specialty coffee and a tempting dessert. No worries, no hurry. Meet friends…make new ones! At Bonjour Frenchcafe, we endeavor to provide a convivial home-away-from-home setting for our patrons.